Phu Nhuan District Public Services Company Limited is under Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee. The company operates under the corporate law with a charter capital of VND 43.722 billion. It has one factory, two dependent teams, and four functional departments. Company’s Council consists of three members including Chairman, one Director, and one Deputy Director. Besides, the total number of employees is 503 people (December 31, 2013).

Recently, the company has growth significantly. Its scale and operational areas are expanded therefore the company has created more jobs and has helped more than 500 employees earn income stably.

With a team of engineers who are dynamic, creative, professional, and skilled technicians, modern equipment and machineries, the company is proud to contribute to the city with beautiful and high quality buildings. 

Below are some photos of constructions of civil works, such as houses, villas, buildings, hotels, hospitals, offices - factories, buildings with high requirements in terms of quality, technology and beauty arts that the company has designed and constructed:

Designing SOKICO Apartment Building - Go Vap District

Go Vap Apartment Building

Block of SOKICO houses

House of Chi Lang Sport Club - Phu Nhuan District

Kindergarten 1 - District 3

Kindergarten 6 - District 3

Block of houses in District 2